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About Us:
We are a nonprofit organization that provides services in the educational support of financial literacy, business education and consulting, computer application technology,  healthy relationship building, promotion of healthy lifestyle choices, and weekly Christian worship experiences.  Our goal is to assist in the continued positive development of individuals' physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional well-being.   We also have Christian Pastors/Leaders and Mental Health Counselors on staff for counseling assistance; Access to Bible Studies; Christian and Higher Education Assistance; Healthy Living and Eating Guidance and Workshops; Interactive Relationship Workshops; and Financial  Literacy and Business Entrepreneur Education and Consulting.

               F A I T H training divisions

  • FLIP-Financial Literacy in Planning
  • AWE-Awesome Worship Experience
  • IRB-Interactive Relationship Building
  • TEA-Technology Education Application
  • HEAL-Healthy Eating and Living​)

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We provide interrelationship support group meetings and counseling .

Relationship Support

We educate families in healthy eating and exercise choices for disease free living. 


Healthy Living 

All services are provided at no cost; however, we ask for love donations, which are tax-deductible.  These donations help us continue to provide services to the community.

We provide services to assists students with educational decisions and needs and provide many trainings.   

We provide classes and workshops on various financial education subjects.  

Education Support

improving family life, knowledge, understanding, and Decision Making!



​Financial Literacy
True Love Family Ministry